TENDATA Global Trade Intelligence Provider

We are committed to providing oveerseas marketing solutions for global trade companyies

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Who Are We?

Tendata is a big data of trade company and helping those who are seeking trade information for export import business around the world. We are a high tech certified company based in Shanghai, China. We provide authentic global export import data and trade intelligence reports. Our main products are – Trade data platform, tenlent platform, Analysis Report and Insight.

Shanghai Tend Information and Technology Co., Ltd. (Tendata) is headquartered in Lujiazui Financial District. Since its establishment in 2005, we have provided effective services for 30,000+ enterprises with marketing programs for overseas markets and customer management services.We have experienced product development team and after-sales support department including 400+ employees .

Why Us?

100+ Countries Trade Data with Exclusive data of US,India,Uganda,
EU, Indonesia, Philippines & Pakistan.....more
Full Access to Historical Data
Fast Data Update
Competitive Price
Custom Reports upon Request
100% Data Authenticity Guaranteed
Trade Trends and Analysis, Market Insight and Business Info
R&D Team and Customer Care Center, More than 100 staff
15 Years in Trade Information Business, Serving over 30,000 Customers

What Tendata Does?

We collect raw data from multi-countries' customs, ports and authorized customs agents and partners and carefully process and post the data to our online searching platform.

We help importers, exporters, manufactures, brokers, research companies, logistics companies and banks to expend their business to next level. Our global trade data and business information will surely take your business to a new height.

Our Honors

We were warded by government and Industry:
The title of Shanghai high tech enterprise;In 2017 / 2018 / 2020, we won the title of Shanghai double push enterprise for three consecutive years;be selected as one of the top 100 software enterprises in Shanghai china;be selected as a member of the 50 Member Forum on cross border e-commerce in China. Technical software: TENDATA has an independent technology research and development team. It has applied for dozens of national patent technologies, and new technologies and new software products are constantly produced every year.

Our Team

Tendata,with over 500 staff members, 30 branches in China and 4 overseas offices, has been serving more than 30,000 regular customers since 2005. We have skilled staff in R&D team and Customer Care Center and constantly provide professional services to our global customers.