What kind of data Eurasian we provided


Eurasian is part of shipping data between EU and the Asia contains important business intelligence information about trading activities of countries that is useful for primary research.


It covers – Company name,shipment Date, HS Code, HS Code Description, Quantity, Value, Origin and Destination Country, Port of Loading and Departure etc .


130 Million Buyers List Expand Potential Customers Quickly


Our trade database has more than 130 million traceable companies, allows you to quickly find buyers and suppliers who import and export the exact targets you need. At the same time, we also can find potential customers in the supply chain, such as factories, distributors, engineering companies and shopping malls.


List of buyers and suppliers searched by Eurasian online database

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Generate Sales Leads by Qualified Details of Each Trade Record


Identify the buyer's name , purchasing habits,pricing,quality,volume,demands etc. to increase your business around the world.

Find details of each transaction in seconds
Distinguish specific country you want to know

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Comprehensive Analysis Charts and Reports ,Stay ahead of the Competition


Our trade analysis system classifies billions of trade records by algorithms and data analysis to provide more than 19 professional reports, can analyze market trend,trade region,buyers,suppliers,product sales distribution,contact infos etc. Make you ahead of your competitors and know yourself more.

kinds of analysis reports let you keep a global perspective


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