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TENDATA Focus on Global Trade Supply Chain

With Big Data Analysis, we help evaluate your customers, scheme your market, and protect your business security,brings you unrivaled insights on the global supply chain.

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Tendata Platform

Our platform takes the power of machine learning and data visualization to give you clear,
actionable insights on global trade



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How We help You Imporve Trade efficency

Create Ideal Buyers & Suppliers

Find a qualified list of importers and exporters in global market for your product to reach potential customers.

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Tracking High-value Business

With over 2 billion trade records to discover high profits, right price, high volume and high growth rate and region to trade.

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Data-driven Decision-making

In-deep analysis base on billions authentic global trading data and intelligence research to make smarter business decisinons.

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Analyze Competition

Track competitors' trading activities and parteners to equip with the right market strategy.

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Insight on Global Market

Greater data accuracy to make advanced analytics to discover product trends and capitalize progressive market opportunities.

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Expore Company information

Access the 123 million company data to know the infos includes phone,email, SNS, tradingpartners,revenue,employees, locations, subsidiaries.

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