Tendata Mailbox System
Help you qucikly to contact the keyman
Billions email addresses form 141 countries to help you find target decision-makers

Tendata's email searching system can find detailed contact information of decision-makers suchname, position, email, linkedin, address, social media, etc. to help you locate target decision makers quickly.The system integrated world's major and
popular search engines in 141 countries and combined accumulated company info
to provide a large volume of email addresses.

Various search criteria to find all exact informaion you need

Such as company names, websites, products and countries and areas centralized search and yellow pages search to turn your existing information into a more detailed information.

Precise Email Verification

Our system will automatically help you to verify the validity of those email addresses so that will improve your work efficiency.

Our email sending tool make your delivery more efficient and secure

Over 20 email delivery providers around the world who analyze communication channels and achieve an arrival rate of over 90%. It will greatly reduce the risk of your own mailbox be blocked .

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